The Counselors on Board team is made up of few counselors from many different backgrounds that have accepted the special calling of helping people like you.  The Counselors on Board is part of an extended, caring family. Our Counseling team also includes dedicated volunteers who generously give their time and expertise to help our clients. These dedicated people spend countless hours helping the Counselors on Board fulfill its mission of service to the community. Customer service is an integral part of Counselors on Board mission. As we strive to provide an excellent service to our clients, we also emphasize the importance of customer service between each other. It is all part of our people-oriented mission.

Fari Emamghorashi, M.Ed

My strength is working with individuals and families who have experience severe trauma. Trauma of war, catastrophic accident, sexual abuse, violence and other events that leave on indelible mark. Helping a person move beyond these events and live again is my joy.

My Experience and Credentials:

Master in Counseling Psychology from Central State University, Oklahoma  1977

Certified Counselor from US Department of Health, Education and Welfare  1978

Advanced Counseling Skills Diploma  2000

30 years life skills counseling, parenting, guidance and supportive family counseling

20 years helping undocumented immigrants

16 years working with traumatized clients from war, rape, catastrophic accidents and domestic violence.  



“I lost everything when my family immigrated to the united States-my home, my relatives, my friends. I was angry and a court order for Anger Management in my hand. Fari helped me with everything. I knew with her I wasn’t alone, and that made me feel strong”__ F.B.,Fairfax



Saman Berenji, MA

Admirable experience in treating children with behavioral disorders; Exceptional knowledge of play therapy and other intervention programs, Deep knowledge of behavior dynamics and personality theories; Wide knowledge of autism spectrum disorders, ADHD; and learning disabilities; Great understanding of typical child development and psychopathology in childhood; Familiarity with psychological assessment and treatment techniques; Ability to provide child and family counseling services; Ability to implement care plan; Experienced and skilled to work with children aged 3-14 years; Talent to understand aboriginal social and cultural issues. 


• Master of Art in Community Counseling, Argosy University, Arlington, Virginia,

• Bachelor of Arts, Major in Psychology, Minor in Spanish, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia,


• Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor.

• Continuing Education Units (CEU) in Expressive Therapies: Play Therapy, Art Therapy and Role Playing with Kids and Bullying.

• Trauma informed care.

• 30 CEU credits of trauma specialized workshop.

• Specialized in Domestic Violence and Trauma. • CPR and First Aid Certified

• Training and Experience in Data Base, Microsoft Office Automation, Accounting, & Quick Books.

• Two months of an intensive study abroad program in Spain.

• American born; fluent in Spanish and Farsi. 


• Case Manager and Court Advocate for a non-profit organization that provides case management, supportive counseling, safe house and group for women who have been exploited through trafficking and domestic violence. 

• Assistant Director of Auxiliary Programs and Girl's Group Facilitator at a non-profit independent School that serve Grades K-8 th.

• Experience in responsive classroom techniques. Program Coordinator to the Creative Arts and Summer Adventure (CASA) camp at the Sheridan School during the summer. 

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